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As the headlining entertainment for your party, or as a speaker and presenter at your seminar or training conference, featuring John Moyer, CCH at your corporate event is a memorable and entertaining experience. Your group will come to learn just how powerful the human mind is, how it functions and how we can overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors in order to excel and achieve our goals. Through a demonstration consisting of willing volunteers, everyone sees first hand the epitome of their mind's abilities and the benefits of harnessing that power at will.

Fortune Magazine reports that as of 2016, 22% of companies in the United States paid to have their employees go through mindfulness and meditation training.

That's expected to double in 2017! Companies are realizing the benefits of their employees tapping into the full potential of their greatest resource, the mind.

Science has proven that mindful, meditation and hypnotic techniques reduce stress levels, assist in weight reduction, lower blood pressure, increase focus, concentration and productivity.   

John presents an immediate example of what the mind is capable of. Audiences are amazed, inspired and educated. People come to understand how easy and effective making positive changes can be, which benefits them personally and best of all, has a residual benefit for their employers.

Everyone will laugh together, smile and enjoy a communal experience unique to your company!


What You Deserve to Know When Hiring John Moyer:

  • The event content will be suitable for your group.​ 

  • Everything is presented in a way that is fun while keeping everyone's safety in mind (no running around, jumping off the stage, fear based suggestions , etc). 

  • John Moyer is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist professionally trained through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the world's largest hypnosis organization.

  • John is a great entertainer with 20 years of stand up comedy experience, performing in every part of the country. He knows how to specifically connect with your audience, allowing them to have fun, feel comfortable and be excited to participate! 

  • John's events uplift and inspire everyone by educating audiences and participants on how they can utilize the power of the mind to reach their goals.

Make your next corporate event something everyone talks about for years to come, by hiring the best professional hypnotist and entertainer, John Moyer!

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